Testimonies of Conquerors

I contacted Stephanie when I needed to hear a voice that I trusted and one I knew had gone through a similar traumatic experience. I wanted to know how she was able to overcome the shame, distrust, the feeling of loss, the anger, the sadness and other emotional barriers and feelings of failure. Having to discuss separation and divorce was not an easy feat however after our many conversations over the course of a few weeks; I began to notice positive results. Her strength and compassion helped me realize I can “bounce back” and so began the journey of self-preservation. Our interactions were essential and aided in me beginning the healing process and I continue finding the same through various outlets. My favorite part of our interactions was the laughter! It was a welcomed therapeutic relief and release after all of the sobbing.

Sheri T. Bratcher
Sheri T. BratcherWinston-Salem, NC

2015 has definitely been confirmation that there are no chance encounters. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the amazing Stephanie Drake when taking a weekend vacation with my loved one.  We met Ms. Drake for lunch. Little did I know I was in for a life changing experience. I was blown away by her charisma, her charm, and her larger than life personality!

Ms. Drake recognized immediately the kind of person I am, someone that is always pouring into others tirelessly, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. She knew that I loved to encourage others to reach their highest potential, but made it clear to me that I need to equally take care of my personal well -being.

In a sense of speaking, she gave me the long awaited permission to take “personal” time for myself.  I was taken aback some because no one had ever said anything like this to me before. It was indeed an “a-ha” moment. Ms. Drake let me know the importance for my own well being to get away and be still and be in the moment, to not think so much of others more than myself.

I felt liberated!

Since then, I have deepened my spiritual practice with prayer and journaling. I am more aware of my feelings and actions and to the best of my ability, learning to not let anything or anyone rob me of me! It’s still a journey and I take each day one by one, but I am so thankful to God for allowing my path with Ms. Drake’s to cross. She is indeed a God-send. The BLESSING of an answered prayer!

Sharahn AshfordAshfosh & Co

Stephanie Drake is dynamic, energizing, funny and knowledgeable.  She has a gift to captivate her audience like no one I’ve ever seen.  She conveys compassion, empathy and a heart-felt desire to see people grow and become their best self.  I recommend Stephanie to any group or organization looking for holistic improvement with measureable and sustained success!

Charles Johnson
Charles JohnsonMountain Movers Worldwide -Chief Successologist http://www.charleswyattjohnson.com/

I heard Stephanie Drake speak at the Awaken Your Purpose luncheon in Charlotte, NC in November of 2014. Her story and how she shared it ministered to me deeply. Her expression of freedom resonated and initiated a reaction in me that I didn’t know I needed. Listening to how she recovered after such a traumatic experience in her marriage and is now thriving and soaring shook me to the core!! The spirit of her story is contagious. It landed on me. I caught it. I cried as I realized that I had been struggling to thrive in my own freedom due to lingering anguish from the past. After experiencing her talk, I was pushed to freedom accompanied by my tears of relief. 

Since then, the  Conquer Queen continues to pray for and encourage me. I am appreciative of who she is and what she does.

Lucretia Berry, PhDCo-Creator/Founder Browncity.com

Stephanie Drake is a fantastic life coach. I was in a moment of life not understanding people and situations. She made one small statement that changed my entire life. It helped my life personally and professionally. Thank you Stephanie! You are amazing.

Zaccheus MilesDesigner

Stephanie Drake is confident yet humble. Which is amazing considering her outer beauty and inner talents. It is probably because her aura prepares the room for her arrival. For in her gift, when she speaks the atmosphere moves and lives change. She is creativity un-boxed anointed with the gift of speaking clarity over chaos.

Karlotta Washington,Arts and Film Producer

Where do I begin? Stephanie Drake has been a constant in my life for at least ten years. Her inspirational words and support have such an impact in the lives of many.

I choose to contact Stephanie during many “turning points” in my life. However, there is one that comes to mind the most. My Husband and I were active members of a ministry and during the six years, my husband tried to warn me of things he saw happening that could impact me/us negatively. I always try to see the best in people and situations, so I “turned a blind eye” to many red flags. There were many situations but one situation in particular in which the leader of the ministry said some very disturbing things to me about my Husband, and (as my loyalty is to my Husband) I had a conversation with my Husband about what was said. Of course, this hurt my Husband to the core because he felt disrespected and when he tried to confront the leader, he was turned away on numerous occasions. As a result, the leader thought that because My Husband had a problem with him, so did I and removed me from the new position. My marriage began to suffer because my Husband wanted to leave the ministry and I wanted to be sure it was the right thing to do. Also, because I wanted to take the ministry opportunity and my husband did not want my gift to be taken advantage. After being tired of fighting, I called Stephanie and told her everything (this is just a small piece of the situation), because she is trustworthy, wise and gives sound advice without judgment which is my favorite part about talking with her.

Stephanie listened attentively to everything my Husband and I had to say. She then helped us to understand each other’s points of view. Stephanie gave us wise advice and made us see this situation in a different light. After this phone call my Husband and I were in a better place and we immediately felt like things were about to get better.  In that same week we started to see results. It has been seven month since the conversation and we have changed our communication so that we understand each other’s point of view. I have learned to see things for what they are and to listen when I am being warned. Stephanie is always there and handles people with so much love, which is something I love about her.

Mrs Leah Sellars-Holmes

Stephanie and I initially crossed paths early on in my music career through a concert tour and maintained contact throughout the years. When we reconnected, I was in need of some structure and guidance in my heckled and unraveling life. I was confused about God and didn’t understand why God was allowing certain things to happen to me and letting people hurt me. Once we began to work together, I immediately started looking internally, realizing it was the one thing I could control. I started praying more and trusting God in the process. Since working together, I am much more at peace. I’m constantly praying and seeing answers to prayers. My thinking and approach to people has changed. I’m no longer acting like a victim but like a “conquering queen”. What I have found most helpful with Stephanie is her sound wisdom, prayers and her ability to speak outside of her feelings (as my friend) and speak into the issue with balance and compassion. Communication with my family is better and I have been able to help other friends with some of the encouragement I have received. I have been empowered to learn to listen more from her beautiful example of listening. Listening is a rare but valuable commodity and not many possess it, but she does!

Lisa McClendon
Lisa McClendonInternational Recording Artist & AuthorLisaMcClendonMusic.com